Police Station School : An initiative of local police and NGO

The police station at Dehradun’s Prem Nagar shows an unusual site. It is crowded with kids… because it houses a school for underprivileged children. Aasraa Trust, a non-governmental organisation started this learning center with only a handful of kids but now it is thriving with 51 students who attend the school in two separate shifts.

The students come from nearby slum area called ‘Nandi ki Chowki’. In the school they learn a variety of subjects including English, Mathematics and Hindi. Station House Officer Mukesh Tyagi said that the NGO volunteers were looking for a place to start a school and had approached the cops for help. He said that it gives us satisfaction to help them and see these kids studying.

Following the steps of police, locals have also extended their help and support in various ways. Some make arrangements for their transportation while some arrange food for the kids.

Rakhi, one of the teacher from the school said that their motive is to provide education to every child. “We have in total 51 children; some of them have gone to their village for some days. The school runs in two shifts. We are planning to get more, and also provide them with a computer. We are also planning sewing classes for the older girls,” she added.

This school has given hopes in the lives of these underprivileged children. One wants to be a teacher while one dreams to serve the country by joining forces.