Monthly Archives: April 2018

Ashish Dabral – the teacher

Based on inputs by Shahid K Ashish Dabral, travels around 720 km (approx 20 hours) during weekends to his village in Uttarakhand from Gurgaon to teach students. This is a great inspiration considering the fact that Uttarakhand is dealing with serious migration issues resulting in schools facing shortage of both teachers and students. Dabral was educated in Uttarakhand. “Unlike in

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Children of Iraq’s Kawliya group return to school after 14 years

Based on inputs by Shahid Kazi Children of Iraq’s Kawliya group (known as Iraqi gypsies) have finally returned to school. In al-Zuhoor, they finally have an elementary school again – nearly 14 years after the village’s only school was ransacked and destroyed at the hands of an Islamic militia. The school was reopened with the help of U.N. children’s fund

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