How little we know about happiness !

Author Dr. Vijai Sharma PHD, is a “Life Coach”in Cleveland

Its a fact that we know little about what happiness is. Everybody wants to be happy, but most don’t know what brings them us happiness. Things we know will make us happy don’t give us any enduring happiness. Things that can really make us happy we regard them too trivial to have any real impact on our happiness.

For the last thirty years I have written about all matters, big and small related to happiness such as cheerfulness, habitual smile, positive thinking, optimism and the like until I reached the point everything that needs to be said about the subject has been said and there is nothing more to add.

Very recently a psychologist Laurie Santos from Yale University, being alarmed by the number of students suffering from anxiety and depression offered a course on happiness which many psychologists believe is the antidote for such emotional afflictions as the anxiety and depression. Before launching the course, Santos was a little apprehensive if many students would care to attend a course on happiness which everyone thinks (wrongly) they already know what makes them happy or unhappy.

Psychologist Santos apprehension was totally unfounded. In fact, above mentioned course on the science of well-being and happiness had the highest enrollment ever in the history of the Yale university in any subject! To give you an example of how good the course is that I thought I knew everything about the subject of positivity and happiness (how self-conceited. Shame on me!) and yet I learned quite a few things by taking the course on line I didn’t know before.

Take home lesson: Find a way to be happy in the present moment and excel!

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